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Frequently Asked Questions
Why Choose lternative?
Dedicated Experience:
Alternative Homemaking is family owned and has been in business for over 30 years and we are dedicated to providing superior service to our clients.
All Caregivers are Nationally Background Screened and FBI Fingerprinted:
At Alternative Homemaking, all of our caregivers are Nationally Background Screened (Yes all 50 States) and FBI Fingerprinted for your safety. Other agencies may tell you that their caregivers are screened but who knows what kind of screening they're doing if they are doing any screening at all?
2 Hour Minimum Homemaking/Companion1 Hour Minimum Home Health:
At Alternative Homemaking we keep our hourly minimums lower than other agencies, making it more economical for our clients. Beware of Agencies that demand 3, 4, and 5-hour minimums. Even if you do not use the entire minimum time requirement, you will be billed for it all, whether you use it or not.
No Extra Cost For Nights and Weekends:
Most other agencies charge extra for nights and weekends. At Alternative Homemaking there is no extra charge for nights or weekends. Just another way Alternative Homemaking is working to keep Home Care affordable for you and your family.
No Service Contracts:
Other Agencies require their clients to sign a contract guaranteeing a certain amount of hours of service per week. If the client does not use all of the hours set forth in the contract, the client still has to pay for services not used. At Alternative Homemaking, we have no service contract. The client can hire our individually custom-tailored services and increase or decrease hours as they wish, cancel at any time, and choose from any or all of our services.
All caregivers are employees of Alternative Homemaking:
Many other agencies, including nursing registries, hire sub-contracted personnel and in most cases, these sub-contracted individuals, including independent caregivers are responsible for paying their own payroll taxes and are also responsible for ensuring themselves with liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance. If the independent or sub-contracted individual does not pay their payroll taxes, according to the IRS guidelines, the client could be responsible for paying those taxes. If the independent or sub-contracted individual does not purchase their own liability insurance, workers compensation insurance, or unemployment insurance then the independent or sub-contracted individual is not insured. Leaving you “the client” vulnerable and unprotected. Furthermore please remember independent or sub-contracted personnel are not subject to random drug testing. Remember, all of your assets are exposed to a lawsuit when you hire an independent or subcontracted individual.
Worry Free Care:
Allowing families security and peace of mind knowing that the care for their loved one is provided by a 24 hour on call agency with licensed, bonded, insured , certified trained professionals helping clients maintain their dignity, independence, privacy, and quality of life.
Affordable Services:
When you consider Alternative Homemaking's 24-hour on-call service with over 20 years of experience, lower hourly minimums, no extra cost for nights and weekends, and no service contracts. The fact that all of our caregivers are fully covered by workers compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and liability insurance as well as certified training there is no comparison. Simply put, we are devoted to giving our clients the best service at the lowest price.